Give me a W.S.C.A.N.

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

What does that spell? You're about to find out.

Winston Salem Cycling Advocacy Network was established in 2016 in hopes of connecting people and ideas to make our city a better place for biking. Over the last 5 years, we've been working to do just that. Let us spell it out for you (pun intended).

Winston Salem

Self-proclaimed "city of arts and innovation." Population ~250,000. A community previously dominated by tobacco and textiles, now trying to redefine itself in the twenty-first century. There are good things happening here and room for improvement. We have many great assets like Salem Lake, Quarry Park and the greenways. Winston Salem has a vibrant downtown, rolling hills and moderate temperatures throughout the year. But we lack multi-modal infrastructure through the city, a strong commitment maintenance, and community education, all of which are necessary for Winston Salem to be a bike-friendly city.


Lots of people like riding bikes. Whether it's cruising along the greenway or neighborhood, discovering off-road trails, riding on rural roads across the region, commuting to work or to run errands or something else. It's good for our health. It can reduce how much we rely on driving, challenge us to push ourselves competitively, and it's just plain fun. Many Winston Salem residents ride for recreation, sport, and out of necessity. It's an American past time and still enjoyed today!


When everyday people together to support a particular cause or policy, that's advocacy. It's often necessary to make good things happen. Anyone can be an advocate. They just need to show up and share their perspective. They can attend a public meeting, send an email or call their elected official, meet with a local business owner, or simply educate their friends and family. Advocacy takes many forms and it's most impactful when informed people, gather collectively in large numbers to propose (or demand) defined action.


A network connects people. It brings together diverse perspectives and capacity for a common good. Everyone has connections... family, friends, the people we work with, neighbors, etc. When we share our unique selves and our connections with others, we benefit from a wider web of ideas and resources, and we become much more powerful.

WS CAN is a sustainable and inclusive network of people who value a community that is safe and accessible for riding bikes. Our mission is to educate, connect, and promote bicycling for all people.

We do this by providing information and opportunities for people to work together to improve conditions for bicycling in Winston Salem.

We are always looking for ways to showcase the great people and ideas we have right here in Winston Salem. Creating a bike-friendly city takes creativity and commitment. We believe this community has what it takes to keep making improvements so we can all enjoy bicycling safely.

Please join us! You can become a member or make donation. There are various levels of membership, so you can select the type that fits into your budget. All funds fuel our efforts to educate, connect, and promote bicycling for all people in Winston Salem. Thank you!

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