More Funding for Bikes in 2017/2018 Budget

2017/2018 budget planning is underway in Winston-Salem and we want bicycle initiatives to be included in the budget! Specifically, we want additional funding for bicycle infrastructure maintenance like increased street sweeping for our bike lanes, regular greenway clean up and maintenance, and resurfacing of the deteriorating Strollway.

No one likes having to dodge debris in the bike lane or swerve to avoid a pot hole or manhole cover in the Strollway!

If you agree that additional funding is needed to care for our current and planned bicycle infrastructure please take 5 minutes to fill out 2017 Budget Recommendations Letter and send back to so we provide it to City Council for consideration.

Our elected officials need to hear from YOU about the importance of maintaining our bicycle infrastructure so it’s safe and enjoyable to ride today and for years to come.

Submissions are due Sunday, April 16th and every response makes a difference so tell your friends, family and colleges.

Thanks for your time and support of cycling in Winston-Salem!

#BicycleAdvocacy #CalltoAction #LocalInput

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