The end of an era

They say the one constant in life is change. We all have to grapple with it. Over the last 6 years, Winston Salem Cycling Advocacy Network (WS CAN) has witnessed change and pushed for progress for the local bicycling community. It's been a labor of love from many people involved. The time has come when the organization needs to wind down. So we’re here to share that WS CAN will close at the end of 2022. While we still firmly support its mission to educate, connect, and promote bicycling for all people in Winston Salem, our leadership is faced with limited capacity for the ongoing work and it is time for us to step away. We are proud of all that WS CAN has accomplished and believe it has made a positive impact in the community.

WS CAN was founded in 2016 to build a network of local citizens, businesses, and municipal partners to help move biking forward in Winston Salem. We've influenced local policies and projects by rallying folks to attend city meetings, write to their elected officials, and take part in public input meetings and surveys. We've educated the public on local projects and development, bike laws, safety, and ways to get involved. We've hosted many events to get people riding and engaged in local advocacy.

We believe that it is important to continue these varied efforts. This is why we’ve connected with two organizations whose missions align with our own - the National Cycling Center and the Piedmont Environmental Alliance. The National Cycling Center works in schools to educate local young people about bicycling, manages the FlowBikes bikeshare program, hosts monthly Cycling Heals Vets Connect rides at Salem Lake, holds the annual Gears & Guitars events, and more. Piedmont Environmental Alliance works every day to educate and advocate for a more just, resilient, and sustainable region. They are committed to better biking, walking, and public transit in Winston-Salem and beyond. WS CAN has partnered with both of these organizations on various events and advocacy efforts over the years. In the coming months, we will pass on our collective knowledge and resources to these organizations.They have agreed to adopt our resources and continue promoting cycling across the region. For more information on these organizations, please visit their websites, sign up for their email lists, and feel free to reach out to them directly.

We’d like to recognize BeersNGears, the organization that launched WS CAN 7 years ago. This social enterprise has spearheaded many great projects and events in Winston Salem. Founded in 2014, BeersNGears has hosted the annual multi-day HalloWheels bicycle festival, weekly Ride Like a Fish group rides, and many other unique, free, and accessible events. They’ve run several business ventures, like the Brag Wagon and rickshaw, which raise money that funded local bike projects. They recognized early on that Winston Salem needed a group to focus on the nitty gritty of bicycle advocacy and from that WS CAN, along with the Forsyth Off Road Bicycle Association, were born. WS CAN and FORBA have gone on to do a lot of work in our community and none of it would have been possible without the vision and startup support from BeersNGears.

Shout out to our current and past Board of Directors who have put in many hours strategizing, writing blogs and sending emails, planning and hosting events, attending public meetings and collecting folks feedback, building relationships across the city and everything else they did to make WS CAN go.

  • Louise Allen

  • Amy Easter

  • Bonny Cannon

  • Lauren Duncan

  • Lennetta Bartley

  • Matthew Hynek

We also want to thank the WS CAN members who believed in our mission and impact enough that they put their money into it. Your support over the years has allowed us to engage with local riders in meaningful ways and push for progress at the city and state level.

And we thank everyone else who has attended events, volunteered, read our blogs, or written to local elected officials (and kudos to the city staff and our local representatives that listened). We thank you all for your time, contributions, and efforts to WS CAN and it's mission. Our collective words and actions have made a difference in the lives of people riding (and who wish to ride) in Winston Salem. We hope to see you out biking in Winston Salem and beyond.


Amy Easter, Lauren Duncan, Lennetta Bartley and Matthew Hynek

(Board of Directors)

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