Time for a new mode of transportation

Things are about to get very “interesting” in Winston-Salem as work begins to overhaul and improve the aging Business 40 highway. The plan is to:

  1. Remove and replace the existing roadway pavement

  2. Modernize the entrance and exit ramps

  3. Remove and replace 9 vehicular bridges and 2 pedestrian bridges

  4. Lengthen the acceleration and deceleration lanes between ramps

  5. Widen existing roadway shoulders and add new shoulders

  6. Build portions of a multi-use path from Lockland Avenue to Liberty Street

Construction is scheduled to start in October 2017, with improvements to Peters Creek Parkway, followed the complete closure of the highway for two years!

While all these changes mean new and improved infrastructure (check out the awesome Mutli-Use Path planned near downtown), it also means lots of change, traffic and bad attitudes. Given all of this, residents may want to consider a new route to work and the places they travel to often, or perhaps consider a new vehicle.


Check out this how-to blog from BeersNGears for tons of tips and tricks for getting started. Got kids? No problem. Here’s some tips for commuting with kids.


We hope many Winston-Salem residents will take this opportunity to consider giving bicycle commuting a try. If you ride a bike instead of driving you’ll avoid the headache of driving (and parking) during the Business 40 construction, reduce traffic and congestion for others who have to drive, get some fresh air and great exercise, and have more fun while moving from one place to another. Plus, more riders out and about will bring new awareness and emphasis to the needs of bicyclists in Winston-Salem.

So don’t be scared. Get that bike out, give it a tune up, get your stuff together and ride! I suspect you won’t regret it!

Still have questions?  Looking for local riders who can help you get started with bike commuting? Send us a message and we’ll get you connected with someone who can help.

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