Together Winston-Salem CAN…

Together Winston-Salem CAN….

  1. Grow ridership for transportation and recreation

  2. Increase advocacy engagement

  3. Develop partnerships with bike shops and other businesses

  4. Establish collaborative relationships with City Staff and Elected Officials

  5. Increase bike lanes and greenways and build a comprehensive network of bicycle routes

  6. Install community repair stands at parks and greenways

  7. Expand the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Mountain Bike trail system

  8. Increase bike parking across the city including secure long term parking options

  9. Develop comprehensive website for local rides, clubs, news, maps and other resources

  10. Launch billboard, radio and TV campaigns to educate motorists and cyclists

  11. Expand the Bicycle Bene ts and Bicycle Friendly Business programs

  12. Obtain League of American Bicycles “Bicycle Friendly Community” Gold status

Our 2017 Goals

  1. Build “Training Wheels” membership

  2. Fill Board of Directors and Task Force vacancies

  3. Hold first WS CAN networking event

  4. Install a bike repair station in Winston-Salem (location TBD)

  5. Develop solutions and funding for bike maintenance initiatives:

  6. Increase street sweeping on roads with bike lanes

  7. Establish crew and process for regular greenway maintenance

  8. Resurface the Strollway between Salem Ave and Brookstown Ave

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