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We CAN Socialize and Solve Problems!

We all had a great time eating, drinking, and getting to know each other at the recent WS CAN Social(ize) event while talking about the latest bike news, and brainstorming ways to improve cycling in our city!


After mingling a bit, we broke out into small groups and were tasked to brainstorm solutions to some common challenges we face in the cycling world, here’s what we came up with:

Problem: Low number of people commuting to work by bike.

Possible Solutions: Tax deduction for bike commuters; local Bike Share program for easy access; ensure there is ample bike parking at work and social establishments and encourage businesses to provide changing rooms and showers, establish workplace goals, awards and perks for commuters; increase bike lanes throughout the city; provide bicycle commuting education; design an app to track to reward bike commuters.

Problem: Motorists don’t know or follow laws pertaining to cycling.

Possible Solutions: Enhance drivers education; innovative and engaging Public Service Announcements to inform and reinforce bike laws; develop a fun game or interactive activity to encourage safe driving and cycling; utilize roadway design and land use that discourages speedy and aggressive driving; build more protected bike lanes to reduce interactions between drivers and cyclists.

Problem: Cars and trash bins in the bike lane.

Possible Solutions: Educate residents who live on roads with bike lanes on do’s and don’t; provide information to the general public via city website, utility bill newsletters, flyers on windshields, or a note that comes with new trash/recycling bins; provide ways for citizens and cyclists to report infractions via phone or mobile app, and better enforcement to penalize those who do park or place items in bike lanes.

Problem: People intimidates by riding on the road.

Possible Solutions: Increase number and mileage of greenways, bike lanes and protected paths for less interaction with motorists; provide education and skills course training to new riders; provide training and awareness to local law enforcement so they know the law and don’t harass cyclists; launch ad campaign to humanize cyclists so the community sees them as humans and not a nuisance; hold critical mass events or “slow rolls” so people can experience riding on the road in a big group.

We think these are all great ideas with lots of potential to make our city safer and more enjoyable for riders of all ages, abilities and interests!

If you’d like to see Winston-Salem take these steps to be more bike friendly please get involved! Become a member of the network to connect with people and get the tools to make it happen.


More ideas or skills you’d like to share? Send us a message and tell us more.

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