We need YOU at the NC BikeWalk Summit this year

There seems to be a conference or “summit” for every industry and cause. A meeting of people interested in the same products, processes, or pushing for progress in a particular area. So it makes sense there is a summit for biking and walking. But what’s it really all about?

I’ve been attending the NC BikeWalk Summit for the past 5 years. This multi-day meet up is held in different places like Charlotte, Wilmington, Raleigh, and this year… Winston-Salem! I am super excited that my city will be hosting in 2019. Not only because it saves me a lot of money – not having to pay for travel, hotel stay, and meals away from home – but because so many people in my community need to get educated and engaged on matters relating to transit, biking, and walking.

I know a lot of citizens, businesses, and local leaders who want Winston-Salem to become a more innovative and prosperous city but many don’t see the connection between sidewalks, greenways, and transit – and becoming a thriving community.


The mission of the summit is to:

  1. Foster collaboration between North Carolina’s various bicycle and walking movements, efforts, and endeavors

  2. Educate local government staff, bicycle & pedestrian advocates, and policy leaders

  3. Promote bicycling and walking as valid forms of transportation and as economic drivers

  4. Highlight North Carolina’s dedication toward becoming a premier walkable, bicycling-friendly state.

It’s a great way to learn, connect with amazing people, get inspired and empowered to make an difference in your community. In addition to the key note speakers, panel discussions, and pre-summit workshops, there is also time for networking and fun. Summit attendees can enjoy social activities on Thursday and Friday evenings as well as Saturday afternoon. More info to come on that in the coming weeks.


It is an investment to attend the NC BikeWalk Summit. Early Bird Registration is $100, after that it will be $150 to attend. This may seem like a lot of money but aside from covering the costs associated with meeting space, speakers, meals, etc. it funds the work that BikeWalk NC does all year long. As our state-level advocacy organization, their work with legislation, education, and supporting various local advocacy activities and groups is absolutely essential to seeing progress in our community and across the state. 

We are super fortunate to have the Summit in Winston-Salem this year and I sincerely hope many of our WS CAN members, and supporters will make it to this important event. If you can’t make it, I ask you to invite others… maybe even your council member! The more people who get informed and  involved, the better! 

Learn more and register at 

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