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We want YOU on the Committee

If you love bicycling and want to see Winston-Salem become a better city for people who want to ride, well we’ve got a job for you!

They say “Rome wasn’t built in a day,”  likewise Winston-Salem will not become bikable overnight. It takes lots of people doing things, big and small, to push us forward. Things like inviting family and friends to ride with us, supporting local cycling culture by attending rides, races, and other events, reporting issues (like cars parked in bike lanes and aggressive drivers), talking to elected officials about our experiences, and showing up at city/county meetings from time to time to show support for improved policy.

Last year, local citizens rallied behind efforts to get a new committee established. One that would focus on making our community better for people who travel by foot, bicycle, or other active mobility device (like e-scooters, bike share, etc.) with the intent to improve and promote safe multimodal transportation. Thanks to all the public support, City Council approved a new Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Active Mobility Advisory Committee in November 2019. 

This committee, comprised of local citizens and supported by City staff, will meet monthly to provide input on proposed projects, policies, and programs, sharing important insights on positive/negative impacts to people walking, biking, or getting around by means other than an automobile. The committee can also bring much-needed attention to safety issues and new, creative ideas for improvements (possibly introducing more Light, Quick, Cheap solutions).

Next step… fill the committee with people passionate about biking, walking, and multimodal transportation.

The city is currently accepting applications for the new Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Active Mobility Advisory Committee. You don’t need to have a bunch of free time to be a valuable part of this committee. You just need to be willing to show up, listen and learn, and share your ideas for making Winston-Salem a better place.

Find more info about the committee and expectations for members HERE. If you, or someone you know, may be interested in serving please apply!! You can do the application online or fill out the document and send to The Mayor will review all applications on make a recommendation as to who will serve. 

Having a Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Active Mobility Advisory Committee established for Winston-Salem is a game changer. We’ll see that in the months and years to come. But first, we have to fill it with great people. Serving on the committee is a opportunity to get plugged into local government, share your unique perspectives, and make a big difference. I hope you will consider applying!

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